Technical office

Barouni Sofia is a graduate engineer from the University of Patras and creator of She has a great expertise in energy saving and environmentally friendly practices. The innovation of her office is to maximize the use of new technology applications and provide value to her customers.

The organization, study and supervision of the projects it undertakes are based on modern organizational and information programs that save the time and cost of services.

The Collaboration with the best products and services suppliers,  has a result an excellent delivery time and the spatial organization of our operations.

Our Values

Focusing on the excellent service of our customers and their needs, we offer modern and innovative proposals with professionalism and accountability. Our high demands on aesthetics, functionality and technological innovation differentiate us.

Innovative Methods

The innovative methods that we use, give us the opportunity to achieve excellent organization in our work without delays, crowding and cancellations that are the main problems of completing many coplicated construction projects.